This textfile describes how to patch an existing, installed and configured MediaWiki on version 1.8.2. It is possible that MediaWiki instalations with other versions will work just fine, but no guarantees. BEFORE YOU PATCH ================ This patch was produced and tested exclusively on linux. Theoretically speaking, it should be entirely possible to apply this in any operating system, but there may be unforeseen issues arising in e.g. Windows. The 'patch' program, for example, is available for Windows, and is required to do this. In Linux, it is supplied by default. Back your MediaWiki files up! Back your SQL database up! SynchroEdit itself is not production-ready, and this patch is by no stretch tested extensively. If you do not back things up, you are by the law of Murphy doomed to break your entire site. Test this on a copy of your MediaWiki installation first. The easiest way to do that is to take your aforementioned backups (because you did back up, right?), copy them to some other computer with a running web server, set them up (import the SQL dump, put the MW files online somewhere), test that it works BEFORE patching, and then try patching and see what happens. If things break, well, at least you didn't just break your running instance. If things don't break, you can tell your existing users to play around with it for awhile and see if it actually does work as you want it to before you patch the real server. Finally, since the patching applies to the actual MediaWiki files, your wiki will inevitably break for awhile as you perform the patching. Once/if you decide to patch your live wiki, be sure to give your users a heads up about the inevitable downtime (which should land on something like 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how well things go). But for this reason, if you decide to revert, you will need to wipe your mediawiki directory (the same directory that you have backed up) and then restore the backup. You will normally not have to restore the SQL backup, unless it becomes corrupted (which has never happened so far, but one never does know). PATCHING ======== The first thing you need to do is download two separate files from One patch file and one binaries file. Depending on what operating system you're on, your preference differs. There are .zip and .bz2 files available: Zip files: - - Bz2: - - Put both of those into your actual MediaWiki directory (the same place where LocalSettings.php resides). Once you have those downloaded, start by unzipping the patch file. Then it's time to apply the patch. From a prompt, change into the MediaWiki directory and do: patch -p1 < mediawiki-1.8.2-synchroedit.patch Next, you want to unzip the binaries. Unzip them straight into the MediaWiki directory. In Linux you would do: tar jxvf binaries.tar.bz2 Thirdly, you need to reset the ownership of the MediaWiki directory to the web server (this is the case in Linux, at least). If the web user is called 'www-data', then do, from the MediaWiki directory: chown www-data.www-data * -R And that's the patching. Next comes the configuring of SynchroEdit itself. Refer to synchroedit/INSTALL.mediawiki for this part.