Get The Source!

As SynchroEdit is an open source project, we are providing you with the source code under the LGPL and the MPL licenses. We encourage you to grab the source and play around with it and possibly even contribute to the development of SynchroEdit.

To get nightly source tarballs from the stable repository, go to pub.

The SynchroEdit source code is also available from a Subversion repository. Note that the repository location was changed in September, 2006.

With subversion installed, go to a directory on your computer where you'd like to store the source code and do:

$ svn co synchroedit
This will fetch the stable source files to your current directory, under the "synchroedit" folder. The server compiles under Sun's JDK5. The client files contain (at the moment, though this is subject to change) a set of Perl CGI scripts which are used to bridge communication between the Java server and the clients. These files must thus be available at the same location as the client files, on a web server that handles Perl CGI's.

The server files contain a synchroedit.rc.sample file which you need to copy to some appropriate place (see INSTALL for details) and modify according to your needs.

Note that there is a branch called "dev" which contains the absolute latest sources. This one may not even compile occasionally. There are two sandboxes online, one using the stable repository and the other using the dev branch. If you wish to grab the dev branch, check out in SVN.