Almost working setup on Win32

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Almost working setup on Win32

This is what I have done so far to try to get it to work on windows, I still have lots of questions...

  • Complied per instructions (i think it was javac **.java check later)
  • Created directory c:\sserve (I'm lazy stuck it at root)
  • Copied .class files to sserve
  • Copied .rc file to c:\
  • Edit .rc file so
requires_authentication = 0 (just wanted it to work at first)
local_path = \xampplite\htdocs\ (Big questions about where this document should be placed and how much access should be granted, and how to grant)
You probably want all paths to use regular slash (/) instead of backslash.
I think Java handles both, but I think \ may be interpreted as escape. I will play around on my Win machine.
Another BIG question how do I setup an file if I wanted to???
Simply create an empty text file wherever you want it to be. The tab file is simply a list of usernames(tab)passwords(linefeed).
  • Copied client files to c:\xampplite\htdocs and removed the tmpl
You want to instead rename that tmpl file to without the tmpl part and edit it according to your needs. Otherwise you'll run into issues.
    • Sorry, I wasn't clear, I removed the tmpl from the end of the two files. I didn't edit them any further though...
  • Fired up the server by opening up a command prompt, drop to c:\, typing CLASSPATH = (to clobber the CLASSPATH, why do I have to do this??) and then type java sserve.Main (server fires up asks if I want to create the devbox.xhtml I say Y)
Sounds good, and no idea on the CLASSPATH part. I haven't had to, but I've only tested this on linux at this point. Going to test on Win though.
Update on the CLASSPATH deal. You want to include "." in the class path or Java will whine. Just go to Start / Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment Variables, then modify CLASSPATH and tack ";." at the end of it. Then restart CMD and it should be set. Try echo %CLASSPATH% to see it.
  • Test the client by going to http://localhost/client.html, login looks like its working... but if I log on with another client from the same location or any other computer for some reason they are not able to edit correctly the same document. And yes, I have tried using 1.07 version of firefox. What I see is that lets say I logged in with user A, he sees user A. Then on another computer I login with user B, he sees user A and B. But user A never sees B log in.
    • That definitely sounds odd. Can you paste your seprefs.php file here or email it to me (

I will try setting this all up according to your description above and see what I can gather. -Kalle.

Post-testing: I got exactly the same you got. I'm going to test on the development version next, but thought I'd put an update up before I do. Basically, the two users do not seem to see each other for some reason. If this works in the dev version I'll attempt to merge dev->stable asap so the stable version works on Win machines. -Kalle.

Post-post-testing: Found it! Windows \r\n caused issues (when does it not?) because the Java server sent those rather than \n. Which in turn lead to unterminated strings (check your JS console if you wanna see that lovely bit of fun). A fix has been committed to both stable and development repositories. The 2006-02-27 tarballs will contain this update. Thanks for raising the flag! -Kalle.

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