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Document State Sequence

The Document State Sequence (aka DSS) is a method of ensuring the validity of asynchronously updated documents. What it does is simply keeping a numeric value which represents the document's current state. Whenever operations occur which are defined as synchronization-sensitive (such as the insertion/deletion of nodes), the client increments the DSS. When the server receives synchronization-sensitive statements from a client, it will correct, if necessary, the statement by modifying the node-identifiers where appropriate and send the corrected statement along to the other clients.

The Document State Sequence implementation is described in the SedSynchronizedStateInstance specification.

Note that the Document State Sequence has not been implemented as yet, but that there are some issues with editors attempting to modify the same DOM node at the same time. It is as yet undecided on whether this implementation will be used to determine what to do in such situations, but it is at this point highly unlikely.

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