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Internet Explorer 7 implementation strategy

This document describes the strategy for implementing SynchroEdit in the upcoming release of Internet Explorer (version 7).

The current implementation of SynchroEdit is based on the W3C mutation-events standard found here.

Mutation-events enable the developer of a script the ability to track changes to the DOM tree by way of event-handlers. As no currently released versions of Internet Explorer support mutation-events, this is definitely an issue. However, mutation-events have only recently been implemented into the alternative browsers (such as Firefox), and with the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 7.0 (see this page), we can only presume that the DOM mutation events, with the amount of publicity that they have received recently, have been a prioritized implementation.

Failing that, it may be necessary to write an ActiveX component or similar using the .NET framework as an Explorer-only solution, though it would naturally be more efficient to make use of the already-existing solution. For further information on this alternative solution, see Internet Explorer 6.

Also see: Internet Explorer 6.

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