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Interface implementation "SedExport"

Revision 4 (April 22, 2006)


Revision    Date            Description
2           Aug 26, 2005    General spec. content improvement.
3           Feb 21, 2006    Added fragmentToString.
4           Apr 22, 2006    Renamed this specification "SedExport" from "DomExport"


This specification (and its accompanying implementations) was called Dom* up until April 22, 2006. This was obviously a thoughtless move as it both insinuates that the specification is W3C compliant (which it most assuredly isn't), and that it was written by the W3C team. These specifications (and accompanying implementations) have thus been renamed to Sed* (Synchronously edited document).


The SedExport interface is used by any implementations that involve exporting the DOM tree into another format. One of these is the XhtmlExport implementation which exports the DOM tree as XHTML. This is the "native" export, which is the only one that the server can import entirely using internal Java code. Any other export implementations will require import implementations, which "fill" the DOM tree manually.

This is a server side-only interface, and is not implemented at all on the client.


String instanceToString(SedInstance instance)

Turn the instance into a string.

String fragmentToString(Node fragmentBase)

Turn all children of a node into a string.
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