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SynchroEdit Documentation

SynchroEdit is a browser-based multiuser editor. It allows multiple users to share a single X(HT)ML or text document, edit the document the same time, and synchronize changes so that all users have the same version.


  • You first must obtain an alpha account here.
  • Once you receive a confirmation email, you can access the sandbox here.

What's happening right now?

  • We are looking for some people available via IM to be a test swarm for us. We'll ping you when we have a new feature to test, and if you are available, we just need you to pound on SynchroEdit and help us see if anything is wrong.
  • We've converted the SynchroEdit wiki over to MediaWiki. If anyone has tips on spammer tweaks, we're eager to know! Some majorly cool stuff is happening on the admin-side of SynchroEdit as well, yet to be released in the dev repository. Stay tuned!
  • We want to see SynchroEdit in as many applications as possible. Which ones do you want to see SynchroEdit integrated with? Let us know!

Source code

  • Information on how to obtain the source code is here.

User Documentation

Windows Install

Developer Documentation

Protocol Specifications

Interface Specifications

  • DomExport - interface specification for exporting the DOM tree into a foreign format (such as Wiki-text)
  • DomInstance - extended DOM tree specification, including the getNodeIdentifierFor() and getNodeIdentifiedAs() functionality, anchors, etc.

Interface Implementation Instances

Other Developer Docs

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