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SynchroEdit Milestones

The milestones herein are listed by the intended SynchroEdit version. That is, milestone 0.4 refers to the SynchroEdit version 0.4 release, and what we intend to include in that release. Each milestone focuses on what will be there, as opposed to focusing on what won't be there. We want this list to be fairly complete, so if there is a feature you wish to see included that is not present in this list, then let us know and we'll look into it.

A note on the release dates; they're very preliminary. They will move back and forward as we go along. Our resources are limited (something you can help change), alas.


  • The latest implemented milestone is: 0.4
  • The current milestone being worked on is: 0.5

Milestone 0.3

  • Release-date: end of March, 2006
  • Implementation state: implemented
  • Availability: stable repository
  • Focus: optimizations to client interface
The 0.3 milestone concentrates on ripping the hidden iframe out and replacing it with an XMLHttpRequest solution. It also further addresses the issues users report regarding client usability.
The user-flag was replaced with a fake cursor style implementation instead, as users found the user-flag extremely hard to use.
The XHR client-to-server bridge, previously PHP, was rewritten in Perl.

Milestone 0.4

  • Release-date: beginning of May, 2006
  • Implementation state: stable branch
  • Availability: Released under stable branch as 0.4 and development branch as 0.3.9.
  • Focus: multi-document support, response service and compatibility with non-Sun compilers
Multi-document support in a single server will be implemented, which in turn requires the response server functionality as defined in the SessionProtocol specification. The server code is also intended to be written to compile and run under GCJ 4.1+.
The non-Sun compiler that we focused on was GCJ, the GNU compiler for Java. Due to some unresolved issues with CLASSPATH, we're going to keep the non-Sun compiler compatibility on hold for awhile -- it compiles, but without patching CLASSPATH itself, it crashes pretty much immediately. There are bug submissions.
Released June 2, 2006, in the stable repository.

Milestone 0.5

  • Release-date: October, 2006
  • Implementation state: none
  • Availability: none
  • Focus: XSLT support, "plug it in"
The 0.5 release, the halfway-to-1.0 version, will focus on implementing SynchroEdit with various services out there, via XSLT. See Integration for more information on that project. This will be somewhat a proof-of-concept that it can be plugged into almost anything. We will also be modifying the sandbox on SynchroEdit to allow users to create session sandboxes.
Check the Integration page out if you have ideas. If you're interested in plugging SynchroEdit into some application, let us know and we'll gladly offer advice or perhaps even assistance.
SETP, a plugin for EditThisPage has been released. More to come.

Milestone 0.6

  • Release-date: December, 2006
  • Implementation state: none
  • Availability: none
  • Focus: administrative features
Read-only users, administrative users, the ability to kick or ban users, etc.

Milestone 0.7

  • Release-date: February, 2006
  • Implementation state: none
  • Availability: none
  • Focus: plaintext document version
The 'plaintext' document functionality.
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