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Notes on upgrading SynchroEdit

This page is here to give you some insights into what you will need to do when upgrading your SynchroEdit installations to new(er) versions of SynchroEdit. 0.2 to 0.3

The default SynchroEdit client talks with the server via a set of PHP scripts which reside in the client directory. These scripts are called "the bridge" between the client and the server, as they seamlessly allow the server to communicate with clients via XMLHttpRequests, despite the limitations in this system, almost as if it was a regular socket connection. For various reasons, we chose to move from PHP to Perl/CGI in the 0.3 release of SynchroEdit, As such it is important that you 1) ensure you have Perl installed, and 2) ensure that your Apache configuration (or whatever web server you are using) allows CGI scripts in the client directory.

For Apache2, the sample Apache2 site-file has been updated to reflect the 0.3 client settings. We encourage you to check it out and adapt your own configurations to how it is set up.

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