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== Windows Quick Install == == Windows Quick Install ==
 + This topic is no longer correct and needs to be updated.
=== What you need === === What you need ===
* Downloaded and install xamplite from * Downloaded and install xamplite from

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Windows Quick Install

This topic is no longer correct and needs to be updated. 

What you need

  • Download the newest versions of the server and client from for this document we will assume synchroedit-client-2006-02-27 and synchroedit-server-2006-02-27

Server Installation

  • Extract synchroedit-server-2006-02-27.tar.bz2 using 7-Zip (You did download and install it, right?)
  • Copy the extracted server folder to c:\
  • Open command prompt, change directory to c:\server, compile the code by running: javac *.java (if you get an error check that your PATH and CLASSPATH environmental variables are correct, PATH needs to be C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_<version>\bin as mentioned above and CLASSPATH needs to include the current working directory so at the end of CLASSPATH add ";.")
  • Create a c:\Synchroedit directory, inside this directory create a var and a sserve directory.
  • Copy all the compiled .class files (It helps if you sort by file type) from c:\server to c:\Synchroedit\sserve
  • Copy the synchroedit.rc.sample to c:\Synchroedit and remove the .sample from the end.
    • Edit the synchroedit.rc file (wordpad works well) so that
     requires_authentication = 0
     local_path = /synchroedit/var/
     authentication = /synchroedit/var/ (This will be used if you want authentication later)
  • Test the server by opening a command prompt and changing directories to c:\Synchroedit next type java sserve.Main
    • It will say The instance file /synchroedit/var/devbox.xhtml does not exist. Would you like to generate a blank instance file now? (y/n) Answer y
    • If everything is working right it should say waiting for client connection...

Client Installation

  • Extract synchroedit-client-2006-02-27.tar.bz2 using 7-Zip.
  • Remove tmpl from the end of disconnected.html.tmpl and seprefs.php.tmpl
  • Copy all the files in the client folder to C:\xampplite\htdocs
  • Start up apache by running C:\xampplite\apache_start.bat

Test the installation

  • Press the lightning bolt to connect and then type in a username.
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